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Our Government says, "CUT GASOLINE and Diesel USE BY 20% IN THE NEXT 10-YEARS."

Are YOU doing your part? 

FEATURING:    .............Powertrain Protection for all your equipment.  ----------- Guaranteed  ------------      Enviro Save Products         One-Time treatment.          Guaranteed to Reduce Wear!!    -----------  If you don't believe it, you haven't tried it.  -----------   Order Today -- Toll Free  866-945-3800   -----------


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Enviro-Save Powertrain and Metal Treatment Products

What is EnviroSaveģ

Over 600,000 installations worldwide!

This is a ONE-TIME treatment for any application where friction is resident.  In Engines, Transmissions, Gears, Power Steering, Hydraulics, Compressors etc.  For, trucks, cars, buses, trains, boats, lawn mowers, machinery etc.   Anywhere friction is resident.  

We all know FRICTION deteriorates our vehicles and machinery

The Enviro-Save Metal Treatment process comprises the impregnation of all friction surfaces with TETRA FLUOR ETHYLENE (TFE) resin to minimize friction/drag, wear, and corrosion.  Enviro Save is not a coating, additive or fluid treatment.  

This product is guaranteed to improve reliability while reducing your cost, including: 


Increase Fuel Mileage


Reduce Metal Wear


Reduce Operating Temperature 


Reduce Emissions 


Will not Void any manufacturers warranty 


Simple and quick to install


No special tools or equipment to purchase


Fully GUARANTEED Protection

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Ask about our newest patent pending product 

called the "InterCharger" device. 

The InterChargerô and Enviro Saveģ Products have joined forces to create the new


Get the ultimate PowerTrain Protection and Emission Reduction program.



Powertrain Protection Kits for all your Equipment needs:  

Guaranteed to reduce wear and improve your Fuel Mileage!

"If you don't believe it, you haven't tried it." (TM)



Our Customers' say it all...

  VANS HOLDINGS PTY LTD  (May 2006) Attached is a picture of "MY" latest edition to the fleet.  This rig runs at 128 ton gross and does a 4300 klm round trip in the North of Australia were temperatures are constantly around 34c to 45c.   

The first 20,000 klm the diffs (DS52180 EATONS) were running at 110c and the transmission (18 SPEED Eaton Auto Shift) 130c, after treatment the temps dropped within 1 hour. Now the differentials donít go over 90c and the transmission 105c. Oil analysis is already showing a 23% reduction in metal wear.    The hydraulic ram on the first trailer constantly leaked around the seal, to no surprise after treating the hydraulics the seal no longer leaks and the PTO is quieter and more efficient.  I havenít treated the engine yet as the rig needs to cover some more klms. --Mike Van Stroe, Envirosave Technologies Australia  

MIDDLETON FREIGHTLINES PTY LTD -  (November 2005) As an owner, we depend on our equipment to be reliable and longer lasting.  I was so impressed with the results that I have seen with other Enviro Save users and my own initial results, which I wanted to update you since my installation.  As you know, the truck was treated a 1.4 million kilometers, which is typically beyond the normal lifecycle.   I have added another 450,000 kilometres since the install.   First, we have had a significant reduction in wear shown clearly by the oil analysis that we do as part of our regular servicing.  Second, I have achieved a constant fuel savings of 8%.  Third, I have noted a dramatic improvement in the way the truck runs in general.  I am very impressed with the product and the lasting results.  My truck has now covered 1.85 million kilometres and still going strong."  --- Phil Middleton, Owner

O.C.E.A.N. Diesel Performance - Calgary, AB    We have treated all our commercial rigs and private collection of trucks including 2000KW T800 and 2003 KW T800.   With 24 years independent trucking experience, I have encountered only one quality performance and economy product...that's Enviro Save!! -- G. W. Cooper, President

FirstBUS Canada - Ottawa Transit, Ontario, CA   As you are aware, since February 2005, we began the process of installing Enviro Save kits in our 127 fleet of E450 Paratransit buses and Crown Victoria sedans at our Ottawa location.  The latest information we have is we are seeing an improvement of close to 10% on fuel economy. -- R. Cousineau, Ottawa Branch Manager

See Actual Testimonial  --->  FirstBUS Canada

LDH HAULAGE, Western Australia   (December 2004)  We are very excited with the results that we have seen so far. This Kenworth (240 ton gross) has seen a significant reduction in engine oil (20 to 35c),transmission (15 to 25c) and diff (15 to 25c) temperatures and at this stage approx 4% fuel mileage.  --- Mike Van Stroe,  Australia

(January 2005)  We see less metal wear and presence of elements --- and this translates to extended life on engines, transmissions and other major components.   --- Rolando Cruz, LBT Fleet Maintenance Manager

Final Report Long Beach Transit - Lab Results  

 L & L FRASER TRUCKING LTD., Surrey, BC  Canada 
Iím writing this letter to tell you how happy I am to have purchased your Enviro-Save Powertrain Protection Kit for my 1998 Volvo highway tractor
.   Iím now glad I did. The engine runs quieter/smoother, the transmission shifts smoother and is quieter and my fuel mileage went from 7 mpg to 7.5 mpg (7.1% savings), which is a fair bit of money back in my pocket at the end of the year. I am very fussy with my truck and I would not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone.      --Larry Fraser, President        

TRANSLINK SKYTRAIN (BC Rapid Transit), Burnaby, B.C., Canada. 
Skytrain had a high oil temperature problem in their Bombardier rail car hydraulic braking systems. Enviro-Save reduced the oil temperature, sound decibel level and energy consumption. They have been using Enviro-Save since 1993.

CITY BUS FLEET, Curitiba, Parana, Brazil 
Five Volvo buses with 10L Volvo diesel engines were tested to verify the performance of Enviro-Save. Average fuel savings after treatment on the 5 buses was 9.78% and oil analyses test results proved the rate of wear on Iron and Copper was reduced by an average of 62%.

  VESSEL "HOOT OWL"  Charter Boat, Vancouver, B.C. Canada. 
(October  2002) -- I am the head mechanic for the 64' pleasure craft, Hoot Owl, which runs 840 hp Mann Engines.  We treated them with the Enviro-Save Diesel Engine Kit.   The application immediately decreased the smoke emissions substantially.     -- R. Chin, Head Mechanic    



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