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Honda 7.5 HP Outboard Motor 
My outboard motor had not run for about 15 years and after finding out that one cylinder was down 50% on compression, it was suggested that I scrap the motor. It was very difficult to get the motor running, but as the Enviro-Save cleaners and resin started to take effect the motor 
started to run smoother and it kept running for longer periods of time. After about 2 hours of run time the motor ran smooth and the compression is now normal on both cylinders. I also treated my 1990 XJS Jaguar with a Powertrain Protection kit and I noticed lower engine 
vibration levels and smoother shifting. I highly recommend the use of Enviro-Save products to not only revitalize, but to maintain motors and gearboxes in top running order.   --D. Robinson, Delta, B.C., Canada 

We treated 9 handguns and 2 rifles with Enviro-Save. We used a chronograph for recording velocities before and after Enviro-Save treatments, we also recorded barrel temperatures. After testing it was evident that there is an increase in velocity and a reduction in barrel temperature. 
We also found a slight improvement in accuracy and all guns were easier to clean. Velocities increase by an average of 86.36 feet per second and barrel temperatures were reduced about 10%. You have developed an excellent treatment for firearms. --T. Fleming – Pacific Shooter Association-Range Master, M. Chiu – P.S.A. Statistician & T. Fudger

Dentist Drills 
We have been using Enviro-Save Hand-piece Protectant for the past 5 – 6 years on our Kavo High Speed Handpieces. They run smoother and the turbines last 30 – 40% longer. --Dr. K.V. Hansen, Courtenay, B.C., Canada

Chain Saws
I could go on about the amazing smoothness and increased performance of my various pieces of equipment after using your products, but I would be amiss if I were not to mention how my 25 year old Stihl 041 responded to Enviro-Save 2-Stroke treatment. It starts as easily as before but has more power, gains revs quicker and idles just “put-put-put-put”. As a matter of fact, the first time used after the treatment there was such a reduction of friction, and therefore increased revs, that I reduced the idle speed 3 times – to its present setting. --R.B. Sterling, Whonnock, B.C., Canada

I treated the motor and transmission in my 1977 “Shovelhead” Harley with Enviro-Save. The first thing that I noticed was easier-quicker starting, which is important for a kick-start. After a few miles shifting got smoother, increase in power and the engine runs cooler, even on hot summer days. As a Harley owner I am impressed with your product and would not hesitate to treat any and all vehicles. --A.   Brookes, Surrey, B.C., Canada  

WALTAV INDUSTRIES Ltd., Denman Island, B.C. Canada
I would like to tell you how our company, over the years, has been pleased with the results of using Enviro-Save Products. We have operated a variety of equipment from road vehicles to aircraft to marine engines. The fuel system treatment results have been less gum deposits and an increase in miles per gallon of 10 to 20%. The oil treatment results are reduced friction which results in a substantial increase in RPM. As a result of our oil treatment with Enviro-Save, we enjoyed lower wear rates and much reduced incidence of corrosion. Because many of our 
engines were on a fixed time to overhaul, we were able to monitor very closely not only our running costs but our condition upon overhaul.  I would estimate the overall benefits of treating our engines with Enviro-Save, in our running costs and overhaul costs, would be on the order 
of 40%. As an example of some of the dramatic results that can result from using these products, an employee had a motorcycle with engine compression of about 55 psi. After one treatment, the compression returned to normal. We assume stuck rings were the problem and Enviro-Save allowed our employee to put his bike back on the road without expensive engine work.  --W.H. Walton, President   

We have many testimony letters on file from Motorcycle Racers and Auto Racers. They are very detailed in explaining their savings, experiences and the benefits of using Enviro-Save in their equipment. If you wish to receive copies of these testimonies, please advise.

We could continue to list brief product performance results from our collection, but we believe you have read enough to decide that you will benefit from using Enviro-Save Engine & Powertrain Protection Treatments. We also want you to know that we are serious experienced people with integrity and we have no intentions of wasting your valuable time. If you are serious about reducing costs…we can help. Our product-line has proven itself over the past 11 years and we have indisputable test results. 


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