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FORD MOTOR COMPANY, Royal Oak, Michigan   USA
Tests were performed at their EPA/SAE Certified sub-lab in Texas. The [severe] map 100,000 mile laboratory test results are extremely positive. In fact, two engines that were not treated didn’t make it to the end of the test. The untreated engine’s rate of wear was 2 – 3 times higher than the treated. Even though the test engines were operated at maximum horsepower output for most of the test, fuel savings were still 3.9%. Horsepower increased 5.28%, oil temperature  [rise] reduced by 21deg. F or 11.6 deg. C, water temperature [rise] reduced by 28 deg. F or 15.5 deg. C and cylinder blow-by was reduced 19.9%.  
, BC  Canada
Just a note to let you know how well Enviro-Save worked in our new 2000 Chev pickup with the 6L gas engine, using 4L (1 gal.) less and going 60 miles further per tank. Our friends have also had very good results. --Gerrald R. Saugstad, President

OLLEY’S LIMOUSINE & FREIGHT SERVICE, Dawson Creek, (Northern) BC Canada 
We double or triple the life of wearing parts. The cost of operation has been reduced by 50%! Average engine life has increased from 160,000 to 500,000 miles. Without even considering Fuel Savings, Down Time and Safety, I am convinced that anytime we can double or triple life of the wearing parts of our equipment for less than 1% of the cost of replacing the unit, it has to be one of the smartest things we have done which helps keep us profitable and successful! -- Wayne Ollenberger, President

Since 1990, we have been using Enviro-Save to reduce operating costs and extend the life of our tow vehicles and equipment. We noticed a remarkable difference in performance and temperatures dropped. We have also had great success with treating the new 5 speed standard 
transmissions in our Tow Trucks. We treated a new 3 ton diesel truck with Enviro-Save and a year later we purchased another 3 ton and didn’t treat it. The treated truck lasted a lot longer with fewer problems, the newer truck was sold with less miles and a blown engine. My personal 
Chev pickup has over 310,000 miles on it and it’s still going strong. So if you have the opportunity to try Enviro-Save, do it, you won’t be disappointed. --Gordon Lunt, Mechanic

BUCK KINNEY AUTOMOTIVE LTD., Port Coquitlam  BC  Canada    Five Time World Record Holder – ¼ mile car racing. 
I have been using Enviro-Save since 1990 and have confirmed the following benefits: more horsepower, less friction and heat, much longer life on all parts, fuel savings, etc. My Automotive Garage customers are also very happy with Enviro-Save’s performance. --Buck Kinney, Owner  

TENEX, Richmond, BC Canada 
My mechanic confirmed that Enviro-Save is a win/win situation, benefit to the user and the environment, by proving friction was reduced when my RPM’s increased by 300. My delivery Van is often started 100 times a day and the quicker starting after treatment was very noticeable
Due to varying load weights and terrain, my fuel consumption records show a conservative fuel savings of 5 – 10%. Oil analyses test results (parts per million-ppm) proved wear/friction was reduced after Enviro-Save; Iron 90ppm to 28ppm, Copper 9ppm to 3ppm and Chrome 10ppm to 
1ppm. I’m sold. --Tony Rynsover, Owner

The average fuel consumption on the two computerized fuel consumption indicators in my BMW 750iL (V-12 engine) was 12.5L/100km before treating the engine and transmission with Enviro-Save. After treatment the fuel consumption dropped to 10.3L/100km, an improvement of 17.6%. -- Otto Haug, President


After treating my vacuum system, the vacuum went from 12.5 inches to 15.5 inches lift on the water column. My Koehler engine registered 200 extra RPM and later when I changed the head gasket I found the pistons and valves had none of the previous carbon build up. My fuel consumption  per cleaning hour improved quit noticeably. I decided to see if my tired 318CID Dodge van engine, which was ready to replaced, would benefit as much as my equipment. Within ten days the cylinder compression improved, the lowest cylinder was up 27 lbs and the highest cylinder came up 17 lbs. What a huge difference in horsepower and smoothness! My next use of Enviro-Save was on a 1995 Pontiac Bonneville that I bought used. Before treating it I ran the car for four months without the product and monitored my fuel economy very closely. After I completely treated the drive train with Enviro-Save, I noticed a 23% savings at the pump. Its one-time use and permanent results appear to be undeniable and unbeatable. --Wayne Hedman, Owner

Ms. MIYAKO SAWADA,  Vancouver, B.C. Canada
I treated my 1981 Volvo with Enviro-Save at 291,645 KMS. I immediately noticed the engine ran smoother, like new, and it stopped using oil. Fuel savings is about 10%, combined city and highway driving.

RUSS STERLING, Whonnock, B.C. Canada. 
I intended to send you my records on the performance of Enviro-Save in my vehicles, but I have kept  putting it off with the excuse of waiting to see how it performs in the next vehicle. I record every little thing relating to fuel, repairs and service so you can be sure of the accuracy of the following data.  Average fuel savings from Enviro-Save treatments on Pontiac Firefly, Mazda B-2200 and Toyota Landcruiser (6 cyl. Diesel) was 19.2%. Thanks for a great product, it really helps people like myself who like their toys to last forever.

TIMMIS AGENCIES LTD., Sorrento, B.C. Canada. 
I treated my 1994 GMC ¾ ton Suburban (6.5 turbo diesel) with the Enviro-Save Powertrain Protection Kit after break-in. I used to get 19.5 mpg, now I get 24mpg – which is 23.5% better. I would highly recommend Enviro-Save to anyone who wants their vehicle to last longer. This vehicle now has 200,000 kms (125,000 miles) on it and it runs better than when it was new. --Frank Timmis, Owner

I would like to tell you how our company, over the years, has been pleased with the results of using Enviro-Save Products. We have operated a variety of equipment from road vehicles to aircraft to marine engines. The fuel system treatment results have been less gum deposits and an increase in miles per gallon of 10 to 20%. The oil treatment results are reduced friction which results in a substantial increase in RPM. As a result of our oil treatment with Enviro-Save, we enjoyed lower wear rates and much reduced incidence of corrosion. Because many of our 
engines were on a fixed time to overhaul, we were able to monitor very closely not only our running costs but our condition upon overhaul.  I would estimate the overall benefits of treating our engines with Enviro-Save, in our running costs and overhaul costs, would be on the order of 
40%. As an example of some of the dramatic results that can result from using these products, an employee had a motorcycle with engine compression of about 55 psi. After one treatment, the compression returned to normal. We assume stuck rings were the problem and Enviro-Save allowed our employee to put his bike back on the road without expensive engine work. --W.H. Walton, President    


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