Enviro Save Powertrain Treatment Products 

 Exclusive Distributor for the public transportation industry

Enviro Save Products is a division of TCM, Inc.

Independent Licensed Dealers:  Enviro-Save Products, EnviroCHARGER and InterCharger Products  

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Thank you for visiting our website.  Please feel free to contact any member of our affiliated organizations.

Executive Offices:   

     David M. Stumpo                      dstumpo@envirosave.us

     Enviro-Save Products Division     info@envirosave.us

     Zhen Zi Fang                            jfang@trancertmarketing.com

     Webmaster                              info@trancertmarketing.com


Main Headquarters Telephone:  

Enviro Save Products

    Office: (360) 945-2190  Fax:  (775) 628-6494

                Toll-Free Order Line:  (866)945-3800

    U.S. Office(s):  

    2295 Berry Lane, Suite 888,  Point Roberts, WA 98281

    502 E John Street, Suite E,  Carson City, NV  89706

    Canadian Office:   

    410 Canfor St. New Westminster, BC  V3L 5G2    1-866-945-3800

    1088 Quebec Street, Suite 508,  Vancouver, BC   V6A 4H2   1-866-945-3800

Enviro-Save Metal Treatment is a proprietary product distributed exclusively by a license agreement.  

Contact our Offices or your nearest Dealer:

    Toll-Free:   (866) 945-3800    

    Enviro Save Products Headquarters: (360) 945-2190


Dealers Offices:  

All Countries:   

    David M. Stumpo, Global Distribution (360)945-2190

    John Panusa, Global Distribution (604)277-1509

    Steven Coute, California Global Distribution (951)522-4114


Enviro Save Products, Eastern North America Regional Manager

    Contact:  Mike Iannetta

    Uptime Technology, Inc. 

    1000 Bala Farms Drive

    West Chester, PA  19382

    Main Tel : 610-436-5660     Cell: 610-563-5389

    Fax: 610-436-5673

    eMail:  MikeI26@aol.com



Northeast USA: 

    Qual-Tran Products  

    President:  Sharleen Berger

    Tel: (215) 699-9102

    Fax:(215) 699-8680 

    eMail: qualtran2003@yahoo.com


  Southeast USA: 

    TCMI - (360) 945-2190


  South Central and North Central USA:        

    TCMI - (360) 945-2190    


  Western USA ( excl California) :        

    TCMI - (360) 945-2190    



    HD Industries - A Division of Harbor Diesel & Equipment, Inc.

    537 West Anaheim Street

    Long Beach, CA   90813

    Vice President:  Mike Zupanovich 

    Tel: (562) 591-5665   ext 241

    Fax:(562) 591-3095

    eMail:  Mikez@harbordiesel.com



Independent Dealers: 

 Eastern Canada Dealer:  

    Hiller Truck Tech Inc.


    President:  David Hiller


Independent Dealers:  

Central Canada Dealer: Dave Stumpo  

    Tel:  (866)945-3800

    Vice President: dstumpo@envirosave.us


Independent Dealers: 

Canadian Regional Manager: Dave Rezanson

    Enviro Save Global Distribution  

    Tel:  866-945-3800




Asia - Singapore, Malaysia

Regional Manager: Goh EB

eMail: goheb@singnet.com.sg


Other Territories Coming soon:

   Call for availability - (360) 945-2190



Enviro Save Products / Australia Division

VP:  Dave Stumpo, Global Operations

eMail:  Australia@envirosave.us


Independent Dealers: 

Enviro Save Technologies Australia

Contact:  Mike Van Stroe

Australia / New Zealand
    Tel: (011-61) 8- 9451 1353

    Cell: (011-61) 4296-22966

    Fax: (011-61) 8 9451 1732

    eMail:  info@envirosavetechnologies.com.au


Big Rig Radio

Contact:  Simon Smith

    Tel: 04 1595 5441

    eMail:  bigrigradio@yahoo.com.au



The King's Limited

   Sura Shopping Complex 

   Suite A-6/128, Simpson Street

   Lagos Island Nigeria

   Office: (234) -1-3202094 & 3202164

   Fax No.:  (234) -1-3202164  

   EMail:   thekings@hyperia.com



Other Territories Coming soon:

   Call for availability - (360) 945-2190



Other Territories Coming soon:

   Call for availability - (360) 945-2190


South America

Other Territories Coming soon:

   Call for availability - (360) 945-2190

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