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We thought it was time to update you on the success of using Enviro-Save in our excavators, since our last letter in 1993. Our Kamatsu PC220 is still going strong since we treated it in 1993 and the following results are from our long-term experience. We treated the hydraulics at 2500 hours(hrs) – oil temperature reduced by 8.4%. Engine and drive train treated at 3500 hrs. At 9500 hrs we noticed an increase in engine blow-by and discovered that a piston skirt had cracked, replaced all six pistons and were very impressed with the lack of wear on the pistons and no marks or damage to the bores. At 10,000 hrs we had to replace the final drive cover bolts and inspected the thrust washers – no wear, reinstalled them. We never find metal wear particles on the magnetic plugs. At 10,000 hrs the engine fuel injector pump checked and there was no sign of wear on any parts and the pump was right on performance specks. At 14,000 hrs the main hydraulic pump checked out at 97% efficiency! We have never seen any wear particles in the hydraulic filters and all oils are always extremely clean. We are very pleased with the performance of Enviro-Save in all of our equipment and vehicles and we never hesitate to recommend it to others. --E. Duchek, President

CUSTOM PLASTICS, Langley, B.C., Canada
Thank you for your good service and great products! The temperature in the hydraulic system of our PTS plastic thermoforming machine has always been very high and the pneumatic sheet clamps get very hot. We put Enviro-Save in the hydraulic system and treated the pneumatic clamp system. The hydraulic pump ran at 95.9 degrees centigrade before the treatment, after - 74.8 degrees C. The clamp cylinders no longer stick closed after the machine has run for a few hours as they did before treatment. It is truly amazing when you think that this has been accomplished by reducing friction!   --R. Sterling, Director

We treated a 180 ton Kawaguchi JEKS-180 plastic injection molding machine with Enviro-Save Hi-Temp Grease and Hydraulic treatment. We accurately monitored Hydro power consumption on this machine, before and after treatment.  The reduction in Hydro power consumption was 26.49%.   --L. Baker, President

Being an avid user of Enviro-Save for many years, I thought I might try your Hydraulic treatment in my B7100 Kubota Tractor. There has always been a problem with the bucket slowly creeping to the ground in about 30 minutes. After applying the Hydraulic treatment and using the machine for two days, the bucket would stay up over night with almost no movement at all! After a week of normal usage I found that the hydraulic system became much less noisy and smoother. I also treated the Diesel engine and noticed an increase in performance. I am very impressed!   --G. Sparkes, Owner

I & I CONSTRUCTION LTD., Tomslake, B.C., Canada
Thank you for your introduction to Enviro-Save, we are really impressed with the results that we have gotten through decreased wear in the gearboxes and components of the TTS Delta Powered Disc Trenchers. The Trenchers are operated in some very tough and rough logged 
ground conditions. Usually the drive shafts must be changed every 200 to 400 hours and the gearboxes usually last 1 season. Our experience has shown that with Enviro-Save we can get up to 800 hours on the drive shafts and 2 seasons from the gearboxes. After treating our John 
Deere 740 Grapple Skidders, our experience shows we can expect double the running time before wear begins to show. Fuel consumption has also decreased by an average of 10%. We continually get salesmen with “miracle” compounds coming by to try and get us to use them. 
Nothing has worked like Enviro-Save – pays for itself many times over.-- I & W Tuttle, Owners

Our collection of testimony letters from commercial trucking and automobile users provide many additional examples of the positive effect  Enviro-Save has on gearboxes, differentials and manual transmissions.


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