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RANGER INNOVATION, Vancouver, B.C. Canada. 
May 6, 2002 --  Several years ago I had the unfortunate experience of running my boat engine out of oil.  Given the circumstances of coming inbound at the Burrard Inlet - I was unable to shut down the engine even though the oil gauge was reading "0".  If I shut the engine down - I would have ended up on the rocks.   I took the chance and waited before shutting down - thinking I fried the engine after I was away from danger.   Well, after adding four liters of oil - and starting the engine back - everything ran normal.   After a certified mechanic inspected the engine, took compression readings and checked bearing noise - he could not find anything wrong.  I truly believe that Enviro-Save saved my engine and thousands of dollars of repair cost.   ----  Hans J. Dysarsz, President

INSTITUTE of TECHNOLOGY, North Vancouver, BC  Canada 

A before and after Enviro-Save treatment test was performed on a 4-cylinder Perkins diesel engine in their laboratory dynamometer. The engine was operated at various horsepower (HP) outputs and the fuel savings ranged from 5% (at 20% of maximum HP output) to 9.7% (at 100% maximum HP output)!

RED DWARF Charter Boats, Vancouver, B.C. Canada. 
October 30, 2002 --  About a month ago I was introduced to your products and decided to treat my twin screw Ford 305 engines.  I normally generated quite a bit of black smoke and thought I needed major engine repair.   Almost all the smoke stopped!  I now longer have to run the boat in neutral, I have more power, and saving fuel to boot.  Imagine, I never have to treat them again.  ---  Rick Chin

VESSEL "HOOT OWL"  Charter Boat, Vancouver, B.C. Canada. 
October  2002 -- I am the head mechanic for the 64' pleasure craft, Hoot Owl, which runs 840 hp Mann Engines.  We treated them with the Enviro-Save Diesel Engine Kit.   The application immediately decreased the smoke emissions substantially.   I look forward to the realized benefits.  -- R. Chin, Head Mechanic


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