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Powertrain Protection Kit
The greatest benefits and savings to you will be achieved by using the  popular  "Enviro-Save Powertrain Protection Kit", which is a comprehensive package assembled from the Enviro-Save Metal Treatment product line. The "Kits" include Enviro-Save Treatments for your engine, transmission, differential(s), transfer case (if 4 wheel drive), wheel bearings, power-steering and cooling system.  Powertrain Protection Kit prices provide a 10% saving, over purchasing individual treatments for your automobile or equipment. When you add up all the friction from every moving part in your vehicle or equipment - it is significant. 

You will feel the difference after Enviro-Save reduces the friction/wear in all the mechanical components of your automobile or equipment. And at the same time you are saving money, you will be assisting in reducing global pollution! 
Gas Engine Treatment: 2-Stroke
This product is specifically designed and guaranteed to reduce friction/wear in all 2-stoke engines including: outboard motors, ATV's, chainsaws, motorcycles, snow machines, weed eaters, lawn mowers, water pumps, etc. This 2-stroke engine treatment is applied via the fuel or fuel/oil mixture to ensure that the cleaner and micro-resin is distributed to all internal lubricated bearing surfaces in 2-stroke engines. The micro-resin becomes permanently impregnated into the bearing surface asperity, top-end and crankcase bearings. Improved performance is often noticed immediately and the reduction in carbon build-up is another significant excellent long-term benefit. The inert micro-resin in Enviro-Save 2-stroke treatment also affords excellent protection to bearing surfaces against acid/moisture corrosion damage when an engine is stored during the off-season

Gas Engine Treatment: 4-Stroke
This product is specifically designed and guaranteed to reduce friction/wear in all 4-stroke Gasoline/Propane/CNG/LNG engines including: automobiles, trucks, motor homes, motorcycles, inboard & outboard marine motors, ATV's, RV's, forklifts (all industrial/commercial engines), lawn mowers, generators, etc. This treatment consists of micro-resin in technically formulated cleaners. This  4-Stroke treatment is proportioned and custom formulated for the engine's crankcase and fuel 
system/top-end (fuel tank), to ensure that the cleaners and micro-resin are distributed to all internal lubricated bearing surfaces and fuel injectors/fuel system. The micro-resin becomes permanently impregnated into the bearing surface asperity, top-end and crankcase bearings. Improved performance and numerous other benefits from using this treatment are often noticed immediately. Enviro-Save 4-stroke treatment also affords excellent protection to bearing surfaces against acid/moisture corrosion damage when an engine is stored during the off season. 

Diesel Engine Treatment
This product is designed to reduce friction/wear in all Diesel engines such as: trucks, buses, automobiles, heavy duty construction equipment, industrial, commercial, marine, farming, logging & mining equipment, etc. There are three proprietary  that make-up our unique, one of a kind Enviro-Save Diesel Engine Treatment. This two-stage treatment is technically formulated to match the higher component stresses and perform the essential thorough internal cleansing of diesel engines. The first stage consists of a proprietary pre-treatment engine crankcase cleaner that  is added to the old/used oil, prior to an oil and filter(s) change. The second stage consists of the Enviro-Save Treatment that is proportioned for the engine crankcase and fuel system/top-end (fuel tank), to ensure that treatment is distributed to all internal engine bearing surfaces. Aside from extending life, the fuel system/top-end treatment affords excellent protection against corrosion/scoring damage to fuel injector pumps and injectors when water is present in the fuel.

Automatic / Manual Transmissions. Differential and Gear Box Treatments  
Enviro-Save [Automatic] Transmission Treatment is specifically designed and guaranteed to  reduce friction/wear in all automotive and heavy-duty automatic transmissions in transit/tour buses, motor-homes, commercial trucks of all sizes
and industrial equipment, marine transmissions, etc. The treatment is formulated to clean varnish, lacquer, etc., from shifter valve bodies, bearing surface asperity and impregnate bearing surfaces with micro-resin. Longer life and smoother 
shifting are the two most common benefits customers report back  to us. Simply shake and pour into transmission filler tube, compatible with all Automatic Transmission Fluids, engine oils and gear oils. Product is included in our Automatic Transmission Powertrain Protection Kits.

Enviro-Save [Manual] Transmission, Differential and Gear Box Treatment is specifically designed and guaranteed to reduce friction/wear in all manual transmissions, transfer cases, differentials (limited-slip & posi-traction), planetary gears, gear boxes of all configurations, chainsaw chains, hinges, and all marine/industrial applications, etc. Enviro-Save Gear Treatment
 is specifically formulated with micro-resin and cleaner in the carrier oil and it is compatible with all oils (including Automatic Transmission Fluid in manual transmissions or gearboxes). The Gear Treatment affords many benefits, such as:  longer life, lower operating temperatures, smoother shifting, noise reduction, less vibration and less energy (fuel/electricity) required to drive gears/bearings, due to reduced friction/wear. Enviro-Save Gear Treatment can be used in all new gearboxes and it works great in keeping old gearboxes alive. Product included in all Powertrain Protection Kits, except Front Wheel Drive Automatic Transmission Kits.

Hydraulic System Treatment
Enviro-Save Hydraulic System Treatment is designed and guaranteed to reduce friction/wear in all hydraulic systems in excavators, cranes, forklifts, loaders, graders, tractors, farm equipment, marine, stationary factory equipment, injection molding machines, saw mill/pulp  mill machinery, industrial, oil patch and offshore etc. The treatment is formulated to clean and  provide a micro-resin impregnation in all bearing surfaces of hydraulic system components, including pumps, motors, actuators/cylinders, valves and controls, etc. Unlike oil additives, the treatment becomes part of the bearing surfaces and the benefits are not lost when the hydraulic oil is changed. Hydraulic Systems rely on minimal component clearances in order to maintain  maximum performance, which is why the reduced friction/wear from using Enviro-Save Hydraulic System Treatment is so beneficial. Some of the benefits from reducing friction/wear are; an increase in equipment life, reduced component and fluid friction, lower operating temperatures, less heat and cavitation, extended oil/fluid life, smoother operating, quieter, less vibration, improved oil seal performance and less energy (fuel or electricity) required to operate system. 

Heavy Duty, Multi-purpose and  High Temperature Greases and Pre-Assembly Lubes 
All Enviro-Save Greases are proprietary blends of high quality grease and micro-resin and they are guaranteed to reduce friction/wear, beyond traditional greases. Grease is simply another vehicle for carrying the Enviro-Save micro-resin to bearing surfaces, so the micro-resin can become impregnated into the bearing surfaces through friction and/or metal-to-metal contact. 

Specification on Grease

Some of the benefits from reducing friction/wear in bearings or bushings are; longer life, lower operating temperatures, smoother and quieter operation, easier starting and reduced energy requirements. It is not necessary to continually use the Enviro-Save Greases. Normally, 1 to 3 applications is sufficient for the micro-resin treatment, then return to using  traditional grease. 

Enviro-Save Assembly Lube  is a high quality light grease lube that is designed for use on bearing surfaces when new or used mechanical component parts are being assembled. It affords excellent long-term protection against start-up damage on; engine camshafts and bearings, transmission and differential bearings, bushings and gear teeth, hydraulic system components, sliding linkages, hinges, house hold equipment, toys and anything else that requires lubrication. Unlike most assembly lubes, Enviro-Save Assembly Lube is a very light grease that will remain in place and it has the highest micro-resin content of the entire Enviro-Save Product Line, providing the ultimate bearing surface start-up protection. 
Please contact the manufacturer for custom blending, compatibility and application information.  

Cooling System Treatment
Enviro-Save Cooling System Treatment is designed for protecting the engine's cooling system  against corrosion/oxidation, deposits, solder bloom, silicate drop-out and cavitation corrosion. Micro-resin and/or a chemical lubricant provide lubrication for the water pump seal, thermostat and coolant control valve. 

Injector Cleaner + Plus + - Gas and Diesel Engines
Enviro-Save Injector Cleaner + PLUS + for gas engines is designed to thoroughly clean fuel injectors, injector pumps, carburetors and engine top-end. The product is a proprietary formulation containing micro-resin, which increases component life, and potent cleaners that remove varnish, lacquer, and carbon deposits that contribute to poor engine performance, rough running engines and reduced fuel economy. Dirty, fowled or clogged fuel injectors reduce performance and increase engine exhaust emissions, creating more unwanted global air pollution. 

Air Tool and Compressor Treatment
Enviro-Save Air Compressor (Mineral Oil or Synthetic Oil) and Tool Treatment is designed and guaranteed to clean-out contamination and sludge from the internal working parts of all air equipment. This formulation of dual cleaners and dual lubricants (oil & micro-resin) does a remarkable job of restoring the performance of old air equipment and enabling new air equipment to maintain  peak performance throughout a longer life. With Air Tools, most customers report higher torque output and some have rejuvenated old air tools that could no longer be used, due to low output torque. 

General Purpose Dry Lubricant and Scratch Fixer (Phonograph Records) 
Enviro-Save General Purpose Dry Lubricant is designed to clean out the surface asperity of a variety of items and impregnate those surfaces with micro-resin to protect the surfaces from corrosion damage and provide additional lubrication where required. Any surface that can be cleaned with a solvent type cleaner can be treated, such as: firearms, knives, drill bits, machining-boring-reaming & tapping tools/cutting bits, bearings of all descriptions can be pre-soaked before assembly. Most applications of this product require hand or machine buffing to perform an  effective lasting treatment, and the treatment does not leave an oily residue behind that will collect dust.  With phonographic records and albums, Scratch Fixer restores the sound without damage to the stylus.   

Power Steering Treatment 
Enviro-Save Power Steering (PS) Treatment is designed to treat all bearing surfaces in all power steering systems with micro-resin. Due to the common lack of PS fluid changes and maintenance, this treatment is very beneficial to all internal 
moving PS bearing surfaces, such as; PS pumps, PS hydraulic steering cylinders/chrome rams, rack and pinion PS systems, PS boxes and PS control valves. Smoother steering, less noise and longer life are normally reported from customers.


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