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The Enviro-Save Metal Treatment process comprises the impregnation of all friction surfaces with TETRA FLUORETHYLENE (TFE) resin to minimize friction/drag, wear, and corrosion.

Figures 1 and 2 below show the top and cross sectional surface views of an engine crankshaft bearing shell under 4,500 times magnification. This view consists of peaks and valleys, not the smooth polished surfaces we see with the naked eye. The roughness of the asperity (roughness, unevenness of a surface) induces turbulence in the oil film between the bearing surfaces and in the boundary (marginal) lubrication mode. This turbulence encourages oil film breakdown, allowing the bearing surfaces to contact each other.

Figure 1: Top View 

Figure 2: Cross Section

Figure 3 below shows the same bearing surfaces now filled with TFE resin (in green) to the height of the peaks (only), thus not laying a film or coating which would reduce running clearance, but forming an impregnation. Subsequent (periodic) monitoring by oil analysis confirms that the single Enviro-Save TFE treatment remains in the bearing surface indefinitely, without repeat applications.

Figure 3: Resin Filled

With the peaks and valleys changed to a smooth plane of TFE resin, oil film breakdown by asperity induced turbulence is greatly reduced in the boundary lubrication mode, and in the dry start and extreme adverse modes (loss of oil pressure/lubrication source) where the surfaces touch, damage is minimized when only the peaks of the asperity may touch. The bearing/load pressure is now taken by the resin-to-resin filled surfaces, which have the lowest coefficient of friction known. (See Guinness Book of World Records, 1994, page 75). 

Enviro-Save Metal Engine Treatment

The TFE impregnation is inert and will provide long term corrosion protection of all relative engine/equipment components.

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A Wear Reducer...Not An Oil Treatment      This Product will NOT void any Warranty...Guaranteed!

Enviro-Save Metal Treatment Products

All Enviro-Save products are thoroughly researched and technically formulated to provide the safest and most compatible treatment for each type of component being treated. We believe that today's lubricant's are sophisticated products which create an optimum antifriction environment within the performance limits of any separately applied medium. However, it is still possible to obtain extra benefits in the sphere of friction reduction by changing the nature of the bearing surface.

This is how one application of Enviro-Save Metal Treatment achieves reductions in friction and wear. Oil sampling before and after treatment will show reductions in wear-metal content, and 50% reduction in wear rates is common. Treated engines also show reduced sludge and carbon buildup.

Enviro-Save products are not "oil additives" which by design alter the characteristics of the lubricant ( oil or grease ); and even though the engine's oil and fuel are used to transport the Enviro-Save Metal Treatment to all bearing surfaces, Enviro-Save products have no effect on these fluids by way of altering their characteristics.

Unlike oil additives, Enviro-Save Metal Treatment requirements are based on the surface area to be treated, not the oil system capacity. In the case of an engine, experience has shown this to be related to the cubic displacement.


What You Can Expect from using Enviro-Save Metal Treatment Products

Improve Your Vehicle Performance
The protective Enviro-Save treatment in your engine substantially reduces friction. This allows your engine to operate much cooler and smoother, and will provide more reliable starts in all weather conditions. The energy previously absorbed by power-robbing friction is now retained as additional horsepower and torque. Compression and oil pressure are also increased. You will quickly notice smoother operation and increased available power.

Money and Fuel Cost
An engine that doesn't have to work as hard fighting friction doesn't consume as much fuel. Savings in the 4%-6% range are typically reported. Just imagine how much you could save in fuel costs every year! However, there is a trade-off between additional power and fuel savings - if you push your engine to take advantage of the additional power, your fuel consumption will not improve. If you maintain normal operating habits, your fuel savings are maximized. 

Lower Your Oil Consumption
With an Enviro-Save treatment, contact with metal-to-metal surfaces are reduced and there tends to be higher compression and lower operating temperature. There is also a decrease in wear of the rings and cylinder walls. The result is less oil lost to "blow-by" and combustion in the cylinders. Lower operating temperature also helps the oil to do its job better by maintaining its viscosity longer.

Reduce Your Maintenance Cost
Friction caused by wear can result in the premature failure of moving mec
hanical parts. Enviro-Save treated engines have fewer wear related failures resulting in lower maintenance costs. If you treat your engine with Enviro-Save, operate it sensibly and maintain it properly, your maintenance costs can be reduced dramatically, and with today's high cost of repairs, it makes great sense to treat your engine. 

Extend Your Engine Life
Friction causes wear. When you reduce friction, you get less wear. With less wear, your engine can last much longer. The Enviro-Save treatment also prevents "dry starts" by providing needed lubrication until oil pressure builds up and oil is distributed to all engine parts.

Reduce Emissions
The more efficient an engine operates the less noxious gasses and particles are produced. Thus, to operate cleanly, an engine needs to stay at optimal efficiency. This is where
Enviro-Save can make a big difference. Tests confirm reduced carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrous oxide and other noxious emissions.



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