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O.C.E.A.N. Diesel Performance - Calgary, AB

We have treated all our commercial rigs and private collection of trucks including 2000KW T800 and 2003 KW T800.   With 24 years independent trucking experience, I have encountered only one quality performance and economy product...that's Enviro Save!! -- G. W. Cooper, President


As you are aware, since February 2005, we began the process of installing Enviro Save kits in our 127 fleet of E450 paratransit buses and Crown Victoria sedans at our Ottawa location.  The latest information we have is we are seeing an improvement of close to 10% on fuel economy. -- R. Cousineau, Ottawa Branch Manager


We are very excited with the results that we have seen so far. This Kenworth (240 ton gross) has seen a significant reduction in engine oil (20 to 35c),transmission (15 to 25c) and diff (15 to 25c) temperatures and at this stage approx 4% fuel mileage.  --- Mike Van Stroe, Australia

MotoMedia, Inc.   GMC  5500 Diesel Truck  

47% Reduction in Opacity (source: BC AirCare Test Data)

We have excerpted key points of interest for one to review.  We have received thousands of testimonials since Enviro-Save products were introduced.   Should one require additional information, contact information,  phone number or copies of any original testimonial letters, please advise our offices and we will be glad to forward them.

The following will prove to contain the most valuable information you can acquire in regards  to reducing the costs of operating trucks, vehicles, boats, RVs, Heavy Duty equipment and any other mechanical components that use lubrication. 

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